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About Syosset CSD

The Syosset Central School District is a K-12 district that serves all of Syosset and Woodbury. Current enrollment is 6,505 students. There are 10 schools in the District:

7 elementary schools (K-5)
2 Middle Schools (6-8)
1 High School (9-12)

Each one of our three secondary schools—H.B. Thompson Middle School, South Woods Middle School, and Syosset High School--has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.”  One of our district elementary schools, Village Elementary School, has been recognized as a "No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School".
The Syosset Central School District is committed to providing an excellent education to its students that offers them every opportunity to pursue their interests and talents in all areas of academics and the arts. We are committed to enabling each and every child to reach his or her potential. Consistent with this mission, we provide enrichment activities for all elementary and middle school students, allowing all students to benefit by working with a specialist in gifted education in each school to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Children begin the study of world languages in kindergarten at all Syosset elementary schools.  They study Russian in kindergarten, Mandarin Chinese in first grade, and Spanish, French, and Italian in second, third and fourth grades.  In fifth grade they learn Latin.  In high school, in addition to Spanish, French, and Italian, students may also choose to study Russian, Japanese, Latin, and American Sign Language.
Our students’ scores on statewide math and reading tests have been the highest in Nassau County. Our high school students choose from over 200 courses in academics, fine arts, music, business, technology, and world languages. Students have the opportunity to take 30 different Advanced Placement courses, and they may earn college credit for a number of courses offered in our Business, Social Studies, English, and Family and Consumer Science departments. Syosset High School is the only high school in New York State to receive the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement.

Each June, 99 percent of our high school graduates pursue higher education at colleges and universities. Our students gain acceptance at the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities, and our guidance department provides a comprehensive program of counseling in college selection, application, and the financial aid process.
Parents and community members are very active and supportive of all ten schools in the Syosset School District. The cooperation between parents, faculty and staff, administrators, the Board of Education, and the community results in a district where schools are the focus of community life.
Students are actively encouraged to work cooperatively with one another and to help their peers. Our Peer Leadership programs team upper level students with incoming middle school and high school students during school orientation and throughout the year to deal with various situations. High school students who are selected for the program receive training before presenting programs to third graders in the elementary schools that deal with such issues as bullying, conflicts, and making friends. They also serve as role models and assist in facilitating group meetings for children identified as having difficulties dealing with peers and other social issues. In our elementary schools, a Peer Mediators program trains students to help their peers settle conflicts fairly and peacefully.
Computer technology is an important instructional tool at all levels of learning. Every elementary classroom has its own computers, and each school has a library media center in which entire classes can have access to a computer at the same time. Students are taught how to use the Internet for research and how to use desktop publishing and presentation programs to produce their school projects.
The Syosset School District received recognition by the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network and National School Boards Association Award of Excellence for having the number one arts education programs in the country. The Syosset School District has set up partnerships between our schools and New York City museums and educational and cultural institutions that provide our students with the opportunity to learn from practicing professionals. High School students receive one-on-one vocal training from coaches associated with the Metropolitan Opera. Another in-school residence, which is enjoyed by all fifth and sixth graders, is a program with the NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players. In recognition of its superior music education programs, Syosset High School was named a Grammy Signature School, and the District has been ranked number 14 in the country in the top 100 districts for music education by the National Association for Music Education for the past several years.
Syosset programs with both the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art include teacher training and preparation to ensure that student visits to these institutions have their maximum educational benefit.
We also offer an excellent science research program for our students. Each year, our students win honors in numerous science competitions, and we consistently have participants in the Intel Science Competition. In 2009, Syosset School District had two Intel Semi-Finalists. An affiliation established with Rockefeller University enables our students to meet with and observe scientists at this world-renowned science research institute and has resulted in mentorships with scientists there.
Syosset Schools have a commitment to providing our students with opportunities beyond the classroom. Special interest clubs begin in the elementary schools and upon entering middle school students are offered a wide range of cocurricular activities that includes sports, academic exploration, community service, drama, and much more. In the high school, students are involved in over 100 cocurricular activities.
The continuing support of the community and a talented and dedicated faculty and administration is a winning combination that benefits all the children in the Syosset Central Schools.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020